Mission and Vision

Our Mission Statement

We will be relevant to the needs of the community as we grow larger, numerically and spiritually; and we will mobilise all the ministries of our church to win the unsaved for Christ: membership them into His family; develop them to Christ-like maturity; empower and release them for ministry in the church and mission field, and be one in the Body of Christ, as we magnify God’s name together.
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Our Vision Statement

1. Be a church where the warmth of God’s love is communicated in our actions and words, and no one is made to feel unwelcomed.

2. Mobilise every member to actively engage in evangelism and outreach in order to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the unchurched, and work so that our church become relevant to the needs of the community.

3. Inform and impact our youth for leadership and ministry; and actively seek to instil in them godly confidence and long-term commitment to our church. They are our future.

4. Prepare every person for membership into the family of God, through our ‘New Converts,’ ‘Membership’ and ‘Discipleship’ programmes, as we develop them to Christ-like maturity.

5. Help and encourage every member to discover and use their God-given gifts and talents; empower and release them for ministry in our church and the mission field.

6. Be a church where God is the centre of our worship, and His shekinah glory is ever present.

7. Actively seek to grow larger, both numerically and spiritually, until the church is raptured.

8. Be a church where God’s miraculous gifts of healing and deliverance are a regular occurrence.

9. Be a church where prayer and fasting is our daily spiritual food, and the Word of God is preached with conviction and without apology – until all have heard.

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